Olives & Oils


  • Differing in colour according to their stage of ripeness and they are usually classed as green or black
  • Green olives are not ripe and are hard and taste very bitter and black olives are fully mature
  • Not to be picked and eaten without being cured and preserved in oil or brine first
  • Great in a pasta sauce or salads or just enjoyed by themselves

Olive Oil

  • Amazing by itself just served with fresh bread
  • just add a dash of good balsamic vinegar for something different
  • Those that love the product or work in the industry take olive oil very seriously. If you heard them discussing the oil you would think they were discussing the characteristics of wine.

Types Of Olive Oil

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    • The highest quality made from first press
    • The lowest acidity level (1%)
    • intense, fruity flavour
  • Virgin Olive Oil
    • A little more acidity (2%)
    • Treated and extracted the same as extra virgin
  • Olive Oil
    • A blend of unrefined virgin olive oils
    • Higher acidity (3%)
    • It’s a must have in the pantry and great for cooking
  • Light Olive OIl
    • Lighter in texture and taste than the other varieties
    • Ideal for baking
    • Made from a combination of filtered, refined olive oils
    • It’s the same as other oils and not low in calories
    • High smoking point that makes it good for deep-frying