At the butchery most of our meat is sourced from farmers around the Mudgee region. We are still buying from farmers that we played with as small children while our Grandfather’s looked over and purchased stock. It seems funny looking back that we are still buying from the same farmers. I know its why we have such great quality. I guess when you trade with someone for almost 100 years and they tend to look after you.

We are the oldest family owned and run butchery in Australia and we can even trace our butcher ancestry back hundreds of years in England, before even coming to Australia. If you’d like more info on our history give me a call and I’ll pass you on to Mum and Dad. It seems the older you get the more interested in history you become and I’m pretty sure it’s now become a full time job researching into our family of butchers. They’ve even made the trek to England to the site of the ancestors butcher shop. It was on butchers lane and had a running stream behind it as they didn’t have running water those days. I will add more on the family history at a later stage.

Although we have a great selection of meats to buy online. We are more than happy to cut you what you need and to your specific requirements. Just give us a call, email or text. Your meat is cut to order and we would rather cut everything to your requirements and have happy customers.