At Delicacy we have an obsession with fine food, one could say it’s in our DNA.

The head of the team, Julie was born into a family of butchers and small good producers in the central west. They own the oldest butchery business in Australia. It is still family owned and run under the same business name.

She was brought up being told that premium quality products and outstanding customer service is what sets us apart from the rest. Nothing has changed.

Julie started working in the family butchery as a child. Rolling rissoles and tying sausages in school holidays whilst trying to keep out of the butchers way. She simply loved to be where the action was and that hasn’t changed.

Moving to Nelson Bay over 6 years ago and falling in love with everything the place has to offer. She felt the only thing missing was a good deli. Travelling to Sydney for supplies hasn’t been ideal and she thought that surely she wasn’t the only one that would love access to imported cheeses, great salamis and other artisan products.

A decision was made to open a deli that delivered to your door. With the ease of online or phone ordering and a fantastic range of products along with outstanding customer service.

We are very excited to cater to the needs of both retail and wholesale customers.

Products and Produce

We are embracing the clean food movement in sourcing free range, chemical free, non-GMO products wherever possible.

We encourage and promote clean eating and the benefits to our health and wellbeing in doing so. We proudly support the Australian farmer and are proactive in sourcing sustainable, environmentally friendly products that adhere to the ethos of clean, natural food.

We welcome suggestions on products you would like us to add to our ever growing list but we also love a challenge if it’s a one off item.


We have very stringent quality control standards that we expect from each and every supplier. Our deliveries are always done via refrigerated transport.


We are focused on providing you, the customer with the best produce the world has to offer. We want to ensure the health and well being of everyone that consumes our food.

Share our passion for fine food

Explore our products and tempt your tastebuds. If there is a product you are looking for but cannot find please contact us. We love to help people find that special food you crave.